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    Bitcoin is getting a lot of attention lately, I think the price has tripled in the last month or two. Some recent news articles suggest it's gaining in popularity:
    Kim Dotcom's Mega is now accepting Bitcoins- The Inquirer
    Alberta man attempting to sell his home for digital currency
    Why Bitcoins Are Just Like Gold
    When Governments Take Your Money, Bitcoin Looks Really Good
    Covered at Reason 24/7: Spaniards Shield Assets in Bitcoin To Avoid Bank Account Grab
    Finnish Company Leads the Way in Evolution of Currency by Offering Bitcoin as Salary
    First Bitcoin Hedge Fund Launches From Malta - Forbes

    Two of the articles deal with government confiscation/taxing bank account of citizens in Cyprus and Spain, which is just happening very recently. There is some speculation or overly exaggerated hype in some of the articles. There is a fair amount of risk to investing in the currency, but also a lot of potential upside. I'm guessing many of you are not familiar with this.
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    up another 300% since last post
  3. Can we have like Bitcoins 101?
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    I was scanning the radio and found this....

    John Ransom radio shows says he is going to talk about it during this half hour. If you miss it, maybe he has podcast. But I suspect it will be rather short. Commercial now going and only 25 minutes left for the show.

    Can be heard live.........
  5. bitcoin is worthless. People think bitcoin is like gold, cannot be easily created. Even if technology really makes it impossible to create any more bitcoins, it is still a false statement since

    <b>everyone can create its own bitcoin alternative, </b>

    which makes the supply unlimited. When people realize this, the price will drop.
  6. Zerohedge posting pictures of bitcoin crashing:


    Bitcoinity has the carnage in real time.
  7. OMG 130! yeah, this is an incredible store of value. The contrast between this and the tech-bubble is that those firms actually had revs. This is the ultimate bubble and IQ test.
  8. I'll bet alot of people were first time buyers at $200
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    Hey at $100, it is a bargain!!! (touched twice today or 105, who the hell knows anymore?)

    Actually this crash should separate the real fans from the speculators...
  10. If any of you were 1/2 as smart as you think you are , you would have made a fortune in Bitcoins.

    Didya? Huh?
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