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    They will make up any excuse to keep this bubble inflated !!

    If Bitcoin was still trading in the nickels and quarters it was trading at in 2009 no one would have ever cared for it...there would be no talk about it and the other 1400+ cryptocurrencies would not exist....because there is an almost $10000 price on each magical fairytale coin, everyone is going crazy to own it and make up these ideas that it's a storage of wealth.....
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    I didn't say it was going to drop a 1/3 in a few days I said when the free fall comes it won't take long to shave a 1/3 of value off Bitcoin in less than a week!
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  3. Bitcoin lays waste to a year’s worth of ‘bubble’ calls on its way to new highs

    "You, a Wall St trader: spent years in school learning minutia of finance, 10 years of 100 hour work weeks, never see family, super excited about your 10% returns this year

    Me, a Bitcoiner: read some books, shitposted on Twitter, ate some steaks, enjoying 900% returns this year"

    LMAO :D
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    The bigger they are the harder they fall. This thing is getting too big too fast on nothing but speculation of higher and higher prices. And the only thing that can sustain these prices will be more and more speculation. Everything that is bought must eventually be sold. People do not live forever.
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    This is great! Bitcoin is only at $160B currently (minus all the "lost coins"), so when it hits 10% valuation of all the mined gold and really kick into gear, I think the naysayers may finally respect bitcoin :D

    HODL! :fistbump:
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  6. neke


    Do people even know what they are buying?

    This looks eerily similar to the tulip bulb mania of 1637 (according to the accounts). At the peak, one bulb of tulip was the yearly wage of 10 people! Not sure what a real 'bitcoin' is worth, but maybe when it gets to the yearly wage of 10 labourers (or about 250K) we will peak - so there is much room left if you are long :)

    Just remember when the run for exits starts, you won't be fast enough!

    Its stunning the powers that be have allowed this to go on this long. Blockchain technology - yes great. But bitcoin as a store of value - no way: no store of value rises 100-fold in a couple of years.
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  7. Now why didn't I think of that. Duh.

    Tulip mania on the brain is what all the naysayers have. Meanwhile Bitcoin keeps going and going. WhoTF cares why.

    Does anyone trade anymore or just whinnnnnnnnnnnne? :banghead: :sneaky:
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    neke! Big fan of your Survival journals for many years.

    Yes, many Bitcoin hodlers know what Bitcoin is about and we wish all the critics would at least know or take the time to study it before jumping into conclusion it's Tulip bubble, etc. It's too much to ask, though, so we'll keep bantering at each other on this forum whilst Bitcoin does what it does, which is go up in price :sneaky:
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    Same then for every currency out much of the $4 trillion a day traded in currencies is commerce?
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