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Discussion in 'Cryptocurrencies' started by Magna, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Pekelo


    Obviously futures.

    1. Bigger bang for your risk if right.
    2. No risk of brokerage getting hacked, exit scam, etc.
    3. One of them is regulated, the other is not.
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  2. Pekelo


    For years the mantra was: Governments can't ban it. Of course they can, but as the fact show, banning isn't even needed, just some negative comments or general government opposition.

    But I am sure this is the last chance to get it below 10K, right?
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  3. 9104 hit. Who's getting long for the bounce?
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  4. Hope some of you caught the move up off $9104 today. Got to love BTC, so predictable and accurate. Almost like clockwork.

    $9876 gave us a $1200 bounce. Wonder what we'll get out of this? Similar magnitude I think, but it'll have to be fast because I still think we have a hot date with $8448 this week. Am predicting we see that price print on Friday (late morning UK time).

    Let's see shall we...
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  5. johnarb


    I've mentioned a couple of times in my old posts that a big risk to bitcoin is US banning it. The Mnuchin comments are "scary" as there are a lot of requirements being mentioned that a majority of US bitcoin/cryptos participants are not equipped to comply with (yet).

    Let's say you have a restaurant that accepts bitcoin, do you have to do AML/KYC if someone wants to pay for the burger? Maybe that's extreme, and transactions less than a certain $ amount are exempt, but that still means any business will have to register in some capacity (i.e. MSB?) to explain the number of bitcoins they've accumulated over time, unless they decide to sell all of them.

    And what about the bitcoin investors (hodlers) who've bought them outside of Coinbase, perhaps through Local Bitcoins or wherever, do they have to report all their cryptos somehow, to comply with FATF or FINCEN or maybe just deposit them all to Coinbase or some other US regulated exchange and withdraw as a way to declare the holdings, lest be targeted by the Treasury department as Mnuchin did say "we will find you".

    As I said, I find this Mnuchin speech very troubling, and hope it doesn't progress to my nightmare scenarios...
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  6. Short @ 9860. Stop @ 9890.
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  7. Stop to 9860
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  8. You can short it down to 8700 without any risk. Free money!
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  9. johnarb


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  10. johnarb


    How's the free money treating you? :cool:
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