Bitcoin price manipulation

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrencies' started by Xzhi, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Xzhi


    As everyone here knows, the bitcoin market is very manipulated.

    You can long/short futures with high leverage and buy/sell spot to pump/dump the price and make a substantial amount.

    This was very common throughout 2014-2019.

    The bart pattern was also used the past two years. What are your thoughts on this? Anything interesting to add?
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  2. TommyR


    i think its a bit of goive. i do it but its not some utopia its just a hangout for failed hft traders who think they will start an exchange that will rival gemini. it doesnt move enough versus b/o and the size on a given exchange is tiny. who cares still tbh
  3. JSOP


    So what happened to that guy who supposedly died in India?
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  4. Xzhi


    I believe it was an exit scam, so the money is gone.
  5. maxinger


    I don't bother whether market is manipulated or not because I trade liquid futures.

    Penny stocks could be manipulated.
    When I trade such stocks, I don't fear manipulators as I know how to read charts.

    In fact, if the manipulators are pushing the price up,
    simply buy that stock immediately.
    And if the manipulators are closing their position,
    simply close your position immediately.

    Trade with confidence, not fear.
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  6. cvds16


    In 2014 there weren't Bitcoin futures ...
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  7. RedDuke


    I was laughing when I saw OP trading bitcoin futures in 2014
  8. sle


    You do realize that you can see money move from a wallet? So if the money was gone, it would be known
  9. Xzhi


    There were, but on "alternate" exchanges. You could borrow up to 20x.
  10. Xzhi


    They did not provide wallet addresses.

    Anyway I get the sense nobody here really knows much about this type of trading.
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