Bitcoin hit a high of $8,458 today on coinbase. I'm calling it. This is the end of Bitcoin

Discussion in 'Cryptocurrencies' started by peilthetraveler, Nov 21, 2017.

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  1. The technicals on a daily chart point to Bitcoin not even being done with Elliott Wave 3 of 5 so the long anticipated top is still a ways ooooooout there.
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  2. The call on this correction is premature. It could have more to go.
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  3. Dream On! There will be a line of buyers way before it gets to $1000. All you bubble bobble heads need to remember that a $2,000 plus drop in Bitcoin has happened twice since early Septermber. Ya, the newbies get spooked and sell when Jamie Dimon calls it a fraud and there is concentrated selling by Richard Ver because he went into an angry selling spree and they panic. But the fact is that Bitcoin is just beginning the adopter phase of its existence and will probably be at $40,000 by the end of 2018. Then maybe settling into a trading range around 100,000 after 2019.
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  4. I don't think this is necessarily true. Bitcoin in now accepted world wide, as a transferable store of wealth with a fixed supply. So the only variable is price in the supply demand curve. As it gets mainstream, price will continue to increase far far beyond what all the experts on ET think it will. You can not even see Bitcoin Bubble from here.
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  5. Hoi


    Just think about this: if Bitcoin goes mainstream, then each and every millionaire on this globe wants to have at least 1 full Bitcoin in his portfolio. Sadly for them: there aren't Bitcoins enough, as there are more than 20 million millionaires......
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    Its possible but its still will be considered a bubble even if it goes to 1 million , the higher it goes the more of a bubble it is , what matters is the end result , for example if it goes to 100k then it drops 90% the following years then its is a bubble . It doesnt have to go to 0 though .

    BTC have been adopted long time ago , no new here , you have to post an evidence that its still in its early stages of adoption .

    I call it the delusional phase , it takes years to settle down though .
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    Hahaha.....yes all this fairy-like virtual currency is going to skyrocket and skyrocket and skyrocket..... this reminds me of every single bubble I have do know that every asset class is in a new bubble, the fed has created a bubble bigger than the world has ever witnessed in their lifetimes...and if it weren't for the trillions being handed over to prop the economy up Bitcoin wouldn't have existed...cyrprotcurrencies in general are in the biggest bubble....of course no one sees it when the price of something only goes in one direction and there is zero risk involved....I have seen these games can think 40,000, 100,000....hey why don't you just call for Bitcoin 288,000 or 789,000 or 3,053,997, or 8,903,890...this is just a everyone go out and spend those taxed hard earned dollars on those magical virtual coins....yesss ..... when the massive correction comes hundreds of billions will be lost, this is just in cryptocurrency...not talking about outside asset bubbles :)
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    And don't forget the about the millions of bitcoins that have been lost forever...yes millions that will never be found again....everyone thinks Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is fool proof yet every single day there is a story of how someone lost $300,000 or $30,000,000 in magical coins.
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    Guys, this thread is closed. Please post BTC prices, etc. on the new consolidated Bitcoin Price Thread.
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