Bitcoin Futures

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    Bitcoin Futures

    NYSE owner Intercontinental Exchange has launched its bitcoin futures contracts, with the first trade taking place shortly after 8 p.m. yesterday. Whereas CME Group's bitcoin futures contracts, launched in 2017, pay out in cash, ICE's pay out in bitcoin. CNBC
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  2. maxinger


    I wonder how will be the volume .

    CME bitcoin volume has been extremely low at ~ 3000 contracts / day.
    strange ... CME has created micros recently.
    But 1 bitcoin contract is actually 5 units.
    CME can simply increase the volume by having mini or micro BTC.
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    As far as I understand: These (Bakkt) contracts are deliverable and have one-day expiry and 30-day expiry.
    The CME Bitcoin is cash-settled.
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    Looks like the Oct ICE 30 day contract has a few contracts to start the day.....29 at this time of the day versus 1300 on the CME one.
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    Doesn't matter how many Bitcoin futures there are. They'll all have lousy spreads.
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    Why is there no discussion on altcoins on our forum? In fact, the most profitable trading is done on altcoins. There are many promising projects that can make a profit in the short and long term. I am actively studying blockchain projects and the situation on the cryptocurrency market. Now I'm interested in the TERA project The project started a year ago and has already achieved good results, but there are many prospects ahead. What do you think of it? Who is actively involved in cryptocurrency trading?
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  7. maxinger


    it is not available in big exchanges like CME.
    even if it is available, volume traded is going to be extremely pathetic.

    There are other better instruments to trade like Germany and US bonds, Index futures ...
  8. traderjo


    "promising projects that can make a profit in the short and long term."
    May I ask
    1) what you mean by Projects , do you mean creation of a ICO! or some other tech project in this filed which actually create value either in reg tech, fintech , banking , payment . MEd tech . Data science area?
    2) what you mean by Make a profit ? is it stag profit like an IPO purely based on speculation?

    Reason I ask is, large portion of savvy investors are yet not convinced that this a store of value and view this as another gambling product/ project
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    Modern blockchains have a number of major shortcomings that hundreds of startups, ICO projects (projects are companies here) are struggling with. The main one is transaction speed. Tera already provides technologies that can potentially solve the problem of centralization, scalability, and applicability of the blockchain. For example, a Tera Foundation project uses ordered nodes. Compare the speed of the Bitcoin and Tera block: BTC creates 1 block in 45 minutes, and Tera uses 8 seconds for the same operation. In addition, transactions of Tera are free.
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    Oops, misprinted: here, transaction time was meant. For Bitcoin, it can reach 45 minutes, whereas, for Tera, it starts from 8 seconds. Sometimes, it can take a bit more time (to increase the reliability of the check).
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