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  1. algofy


    nice trade so far!!!! To the moon!
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  2. sle


    Yeah, man, that demand for KOSPI (kopsi?) option...

    I'd love to see a person make a market in Bitcoin vol. I'd also love to see a risk manager that would approve any sizable position in it.
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  3. algofy


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  4. maxinger


    how nice if we could enter a BTC sell stop order at 19000.

    and how nice if there is BTC VIX volatility index futures for trading.
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  5. Anybody remember the IBM warrants that couldn't be borrowed and sold short. Probably about two decades ago. Would have been a fabulous buy/write, but they couldn't be sold short. I think they were issued to sweeten a bond.
    It didn't end well and it happened in a few hours.
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  6. Overnight


    Sure. A phantasmal payment for a phantasmal product is quite equitable.
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  7. 33-50% retrace, consolidation, then up and away. Not betting the farm, though.
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  8. If it can't be shorted (and no BTC is available on regulated markets like IB), then how can anybody sell them?
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  9. Overnight


    Because other brokers will allow shorting.

    P.S. IB isn't a regulated market. It is a broker that allows it's clients to trade on regulated markets like the CME, NYMEX etc.
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