Bitcoin became the victim of its own success

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  1. What??? I used the time period you picked!!

    The correlation right now is high. It isn't always high. If you look long term, or take the average, its very mildly positive (0.1).

    Are you arguing that the correlation has permanently changed?
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  2. Its a great trading ego boast when you tell the truth, and it triggers somebody so hard they swear you are lying :). Thanks
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  3. I get that most, if not all, will fail. What I don't get is that any will necessarily succeed. That was my question.
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  4. newwurldmn


    what might succeed may not have been developed yet. Block chain and crypto will change the world.
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  5. M.W.


    It has been high the entire 2 years and when it revered to zero for a short time it was because btc crashed from 60k. Look it up, it's Bloomberg. Or you now call into question your own source? It sits at 0.6 as we speak.

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  6. M.W.


    In what way? I mean in what positive way? I am ivy league educated, have worked in the finance industry for over 2 decades and consider myself above average intelligent. If I can't see it then I am convinced 90% or 95% of the world population does not see it. What's the great innovation offered here? What makes our lives so much simpler and safer? I have to yet see a single product that originates even from the blockchain that solves a problem that was not solved before and is significant enough to be called innovative.

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  7. Whoever running Linux, the distros using ur machines to mine crypto. Years ago when I gave Ubuntu a try I observe my PC uloading hundreds of MBs right around every midnight. My first thought was my machine part of botnet to crunch astronomy data. That was very naive thinking back then they must be mining for crypto...
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  8. lwlee


    Uh oh. :wtf::(:vomit:


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    Dammmmmnn, this video was done yesterday when LUNA was $66. Today it's $34.
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  10. Pekelo


    You idiot, your graph shows 10 years not 26 weeks. Care to try again?

    I have been following both and this year I recall 3-4 times when they got out of correlation for 1-2 days top, other than that they were in step.

    Put the 2 charts this year on the same screen for fuck's sake. Whom are you trying to fool? Correlation is 95% or so. that you are trying to argue against a simple FACT shows you are a moron.

    Both Nasdaq and BTC topped in the same week back in November.
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