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    Hello everyone !
    Hope you are well.

    I just want to kindly ask, if someone has experience with this company "BITAXEL".
    They trade with bitcoin.
    Thank you for your attention and help, it will be appreciate that.

    Kind regards,

  2. bromano


    I am wondering the same. I opened an account and invested a small amount of funds. o far it has proven to legitimate. I however am still weary of investing a larger sum of BTC. Are there any positive or negative comments about BitAxel. Please post


    Thank You fir your reply, Bromano.
    It doesn't seem legit firm. There are almost none reviews or feedbacks.
    My opinion, it's scam.
    What they offers is kind of foolish, overleaf of course you can do good profit as we know but still no reviews, feedbacks, some insufficient info.
    Your opinion ?
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  4. bromano


    I invested a few dollars to give it a try. So far they have been paying out as advertised. I am still no convinced as the old saying when something is to good to believe then it's scam. I am treating it like the lottery. Took some BTC earned through my hobby mining farm about 3500 US and risked on this BitAxel. So far they have not scoffed it yet and have been paying out. I guess they will wait to see if I continue to put money in and if I stop they will probably screw me. It's either the best kept secret or just another scam will see
  5. exo7


    Hi guys,

    did you have an opinion 15 days after ?
    i have try it for somedays and get profit, tru a withdraw to my wallet : OK

    So i can see many things strange :

    - comments on the website dated from 2016, but the domain name was registered on april 2020. (false comments)
    - registrar and website hosted in US.
    - registrant from IT (no more data ... GDPR)

    thanks for returns
  6. I've been on Bitaxel (previously since 2018 and they've not stopped paying so far but I'm still a little bit skeptical after all these years, you never can tell what might happen so always have it at the back of your mind that you're taking a BIG risk investing with them. By the way Bitaxel is a subsidiary of bazeltech limited they re-branded this year so their domain changed from to just
  7. exo7


    Thanks for your opinion Cyril !
  8. bromano


    It appears things check out as I ask a lot of questions. The customer service returns promptly, however, no matter what time of day there only seems to be two support workers Tammy and Clarence. They work 24/7 which seems a bit odd. Maybe there are other support workers not sure. I have been invested for about a month and interest payments come on time and accurate to what they promise. A test withdraw funds occurred with no issues, and no fees were taken as advertised. According to customer support they will implementing 2-Factor Authentication sometime by end of July for extra security on the site. I still remain a little concerned, but I do keep investing BTC I earn from my hobby mining operations as it's been a good way to leverage my returns thus far. Any thoughts?
  9. exo7


    Hi Bromano,

    yes, the 2FA is enabled for now.
    I has $500 invest account for 2 days, received interest, and i have withdrawn all (account to $0) with no problem, no charges.
    this morning, i have receive the paiement for yesterday invest amout, so the money was only for about few hour..

    i can't find any information about or bazeltech. is an under construction webpage..
    No google result, no website history.

    I can find Bazel Internationnal Ltd, founded in 1982, financial services, India... but no information or history about Bitaxel...

    I have found other information about registrar of : "".
    They were knowned for hosting many, many scam website, and for stealing lucrative domains.
    That don't let me in trust.

    Another strange thing is the variable wallet address for funding.
    So the funding is splitted in many little wallets. very discreet and untraceable if exchanged on little plateforms.
    i have followed the transactions, and it's appear that the withdrawal come from others wallets.

    So there is no risk of loss to "play" with mining earn, but the goal is not to trash this earn...
    The promise to double your invest in only 80 days, is very attractive, but maybe it's too beautiful to be real..

    if its scam, i think they wait for a hudge amount of account, then they just have to close all.
  10. bromano


    Hello I reached out to support about using the same deposit address. This was this answer to my support ticket from Bitaxel:

    "Answer: You can always use any of your previously generated address.Please note that using this method would cause a delay of few minutes to few hours but would eventually reflect in your account."

    So it appears the same deposit address can be used over and over. So this may relive some of the concerns regarding the funding approach used on the site.

    Your concerns about the domain registration is concerning.

    Let's keep each other informed about this site

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