Bisexual creep Obama makes strange campaign video. Winks and talks of his studliness

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  1. i dont get it, how is this supposed to make him a better candidate? with obama, dating is a thing of the past: no one can afford to take someone out for dinner anymore under his economic policies :p

  2. oh, man. this reminds me of people saying "who cares about his private life???"

    i'll overstate the case so everyone can see the point. follow me on this.

    if a floridly psychotic schizophrenic were on the ballot for president, but balanced the books and appeared to function ok, would you elect him leader of the free world? why not?

    is it too much to ask to have a president who has a background that statistics and mental health professionals would describe as producing a healthier individual? obama had no core family. his father was gone in about a month.

    two of obama's father figures were aggressively gay and targeted young people.

    1)his day-to-day nanny in indonesia, born with the name "turdi" - (i'm not making this up) was a very open "cross-dresser" who obama called "evie". a later mentor in obama's teenage years was frank marshall davis, the author of "sex rebel, black". an avowed voyeur, davis was left alone with obama often. from this relationship, obama produced poems for his college newspaper - talking about similar 'stains" on both men's pants after davis plied the young man with liquor - and other graphic items. a psychologist later evaluating the poems acted like she wanted to throw davis in jail, without passing go.

    personally, i think obama's mother should have been thrown in jail
    because she was mad at men and chose very badly (and i believe she did this intentionally), multiple times for the young barack obama.

    so maybe it wasn't barack's fault, but why must we have THIS individual as president of the united states?
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    An important issue, wilbur, please keep us apprised.

  4. LOL!!!
  5. Because he promised the most free candy. That's how America rolls these days.

  6. Because he promised the most free ice cream. That's how America rolls these days.

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    But, we're not getting free ice cream. Is that why Obama has lost popularity, and why Romney is gaining it?
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    some people got free ice cream but they see that even their wal mart bill has gone up significantly the last 4 years.

    there is no free ice cream in the long run.
    4 years is long enough to see the free ice cream was not so free.
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    You are of course referring to the secret inflation numbers that even Wal-Mart is not privy to?
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