Birthright citizenship, immigration bils fail in Republican-held Arizona Senate Read

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bigarrow, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry had made clear that it opposed all five bills, citing concerns among business leaders about another immigration controversy affecting their companies and employees.

    Chamber president Glenn Hamer said in an op-ed that despite staying neutral during last year's passage of SB 1070, Arizona companies were directly affected by the law.

    "Conventions were canceled, companies lost contracts, boycotts were carried out and the state’s image took a hit. There was an economic price to pay for Arizona going it alone," he said.

    Looks like business as usual for the Chamber of Commerce and politicians who are pro business over the republican demand for secure borders and stopping illegal immigration.

    This strengthens the teagaggers, and weakens the republican party because of the split in the party.
  2. Reagan,Bush and McCain would be proud
  3. It is interesting to watch the Reagan worshipers turn to the tea party...yet still continue to worship Reagan and ignore what Reagan really did to this country.

    It is a cognitive dissonance they haven't figured out yet.

    The Reagan worshipers bought the image that Reagan projected hook, line, and sinker...which is why they continue to deny that Reagan was the father of deficit spending, illegal immigration, corporate malfeasance, and many other things that the tea party claims to stand against.

    Obama worshipers are similar to the Reagan worshipers, as they too bought into an image...

    I suppose that is what happens when you have a country where image is everything.

  4. I agree 100%