Birthers Hail Judge’s Decision That Could “Depose” Obama

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    Ruling denies Obama’s attempt to have complaint that seeks to strike President from Georgia ballot dismissed

    Wednesday, January 4, 2012

    Birthers are hailing a decision by a judge in Georgia that could see Barack Obama struck from the presidential state ballot if Obama fails to prove that he fulfils the ‘natural born citizen’ constitutional requirement to be President.

    “Deputy Chief Judge Michael Malihi in the Office of State Administrative Hearings denied a motion by Obama asking to dismiss the complaint that seeks to keep his name off the state ballot during the March presidential primary. The judge’s decision now sets the stage for a Jan. 26 hearing on the issue in Fulton County,” reports the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer.
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    wow... I wonder how ak will start b.s. ing on this.
  3. I knew you were still a birther

    My prediction is Obama will be on every state ballot in 2012
  4. Probably the only way the Republicans could win with their selections so far. But, this too will fade away.

  5. lol cgroupman, I agree, I have never seen a poor field of candidates like this one. If Santorum becomes POTUS then I will leave USA and move to Kentucky, its like America just without the booze and casinos:D
  6. jem


    just as I suspected... more bullshit.

    I am not a birther. I have no idea where Obama was born.

    Calling me a birther is like calling an agnostic an evangelical or a fervent Muslim.

    if anything you are the zealous moonbat believer.

  7. Just as I suspected more bullshit from the biggest birther on ET

    Denying your are a birther is like one of those closeted republicans denying they are gay
  8. waitaminnit.
    Didn't Obama produce the long form? Why is this still an issue? No surprise this comes from Georgia (gee, no racism, right?) but I thought this was dead & gone after that one happened. What's the basis for this studious agnosticism now?
  9. jem


    The first issue here, is that the United States Supreme Court has never ruled on the definition of Natural Born Citizen.

    1. don't listen to the moonbats he give you the definition of citizen. The Supreme Court has ruled on the issue of citizen, but no natural born citizen.

    2. if the court takes up the issue... the court would likely take evidence on the subject. Evidence has to be authenticated. It may be authenticate in different ways.

    3. this georgia court... it will be interesting to see if any evidence is submitted by the Obama team. I do not know where Obama was born... I would suspect he will produce authenticated evidence of his birth. I hope he does.

    You have moonbats like AK 47 who are sure Obama is a natural born citizen... when legally we do not even know the definition of natural born citizen.
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    The United States Supreme Court has never ruled on the definition of Natural Born Citizen.

    Note: don't be an idiot and cite me to some link that gives the definition of U.S. Citizen. Until the U.S. Supreme Court Rules on this subject and gives us a defintion ... there is a distinction.


    Therefore only an ignorant fool has an opinion on whether Obama is a Natural Born Citizen and confuses it with fact.
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