Birthers are un-American...

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  1. ...because they have no respect for the Office of the President or the democratic process.

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    Tsing Tao

    the theory of the birther is stupid. "stupid" is as american as apple pie. ergo, birthers are not "un-american".
  3. Lets start here: provide a link showing the law and/or regulation at federal and state level governments to vet ALL presidential candidates?

    Ya know, the democratic process.
  4. Judging by ET's P&R alone, stupid is definitely a necessary condition for some Americans, but not all. Birthers, however, go beyond mere stupidity and well into un-American territory for the reason I mentioned. So, I think you are correct in part. Some Americans are indeed stupid. Bugscoe, on the other hand and by way of example, is both stupid AND un-American.
  5. Why is it every single liberal on this site has failed to answer my question? Why is that Gabby?

    All you guys can do is name call and that really takes some mofu brains to do.
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    The fact that people have the right to show no respect for the POTUS is not a negative in my opinion.
  7. Gabby should discuss his respect for Bush and Cheney as a means to demonstrate the point he's trying to make.
  8. I refer to the Office of the Presidency. The birthers are spitting on the office itself.
  9. Bush's effective appointment by the Supreme Court for his first term had nothing to do with democracy. Apart from that, no one questioned his right to be in office, especially for his second term. Let me know when you figure out the distinction between the validity of the office itself and the ineptitude of the incumbent.
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    So am I.
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