Birther question regarding birth certificates.

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  1. If I have to renew my license after 15 years I had to bring my birth certificate to the DMV before I got the new license.

    Same with passports.

    Now when you run for president or get elected dont they ask for a birth certificate? or do they just take your word for it when you say you were born in the USA.

    I thought you have to turn in proof already? or is it on the honor system?
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    I've actually never held the office of president before. Perhaps there's another forum member here who's an ex-president...
  3. This whole debate has peaked my interest because I have first hand experience with it.

    Back in the mid 90's, when leaving for Aruba on my honeymoon, I brought my BC (or what I thought was my BC) to the airport. (If you recall this was back when you could leave the county without having a passport.)

    My wife and I get up to the ticket counter and I present my BC and drivers license. The ticket lady looks at and tells me "this isn't your BC, it's a souvenir copy". She tells me I can't leave the country unless I can get it verified or I have my original long form BC. (but she did tell me I was cleared to be president ;)

    So I have to go to some area in the airport where, for the next 30 mins or so, my wife and I sit wondering if our honeymoon plans will be spent in the US. They were able to verify it (although I don't know what records were checked) and I was cleared to travel.

    Each trip thereafter I had to have whatever it was they gave me at the airport along with me when using my souvenir BC up until I finally got a passport.

    To this day I've never seen my original BC. I may be from Kenya.
  4. This is the problem- there is no law and/or regulation at the federal or state levels for vetting presidential candidates.

    It appears it's all on a honor system. Which in politics should be an immediate red flag.