Birther queen fined 20,000 for BS birther suit

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    11th Circuit Court of Appeals: Attorney Orly Taitz must pay $20,000 in sanctions

    California attorney and “birther” proponent Orly Taitz must pay $20,000 in sanctions, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled today.

    In the two-page decision, the appeals court states that after considering Taitz’ arguments, “we find them unpersuasive and therefore affirm the district court’s sanctions judgment.”

    Taitz’ appeal stems from a suit filed on behalf of Capt. Connie Rhodes, who argued in September that Barack Obama’s presidency wasn’t legitimate and that she shouldn’t be deployed. U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land dismissed that suit Sept. 16, telling Taitz that she could face sanctions if she ever again filed a “frivolous” suit in his court. Taitz then filed a motion for emergency stay, and Land gave her two weeks to explain why he shouldn’t sanction her $10,000.

    On the deadline, Taitz, who no longer represented the captain, responded with a motion to recuse Land from the case and a request to extend her deadline. Land denied the motions and sanctioned her $20,000. He later ordered the U.S. Attorney’s Office to collect.

    Taitz appealed to the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. She has said that she has no intention of paying.
  2. Being a birther is becoming expensive LOL
  3. Orly Taitz Is Running.

    By ThosPayne

    The race for California Secretary of State has another new Republican contender.

    First, there was Damon Dunn, former NFL player and self-described "rich real estate developer" who has never before run for public office, but aims to become the state's chief elections official. He admits he never voted in his life except once in 2009.

    Enter Orly Taitz, DDS., Queen of the Birthers, Conspiracy Nutcase Extraordinaire and Teabagger-In-Chief.

    The Orange County Register is reporting that Orly Taitz filed her paperwork and has qualified to run in the Republican primary (sanity is apparently not a requirement).

    The Russian-born Taitz describes herself as a real estate agent, dentist and attorney (mail-order degree) from Southern California, who happens to have a black belt in Taekwandio (second degree) and three kids. All of this is swell if you're looking to sue for a botched root canal and use the money to buy the house of your dreams from a Russian thug. ("Hi! I'm Dr. Orly Taitz, your one-stop shop for any tooth-related lawsuits involving real estate and brick-smashing with the bare hands.")

    As you are probably already aware, Taitz has a near-hysterical obsession with proving that President Obama is not an American citizen and therefore not qualified to be President. Recently, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a $20,000 fine slapped on Taitz by a federal judge in Georgia, who described her lawsuits challenging Obama's eligibility as "frivolous." Orly Taitz isn't fazed.

    Other issues of importance to her:

    - Several homosexuals from Obama's former church who have died mysteriously;

    - Obama has dozens of social security numbers and his passport is phony; Taitz claims that a person who was cooperating with the FBI in connection with Obama's fake passport died mysteriously;

    - A Kenyan birth certificate in her possession with the name "Barack Obama" she swears is authentic (the US Supreme Court, who saw it disagrees)

    - Obama's first act as president was to donate money to Hamas, which she claims will be used to build Qassam rockets;

    - Obama, or someone connected to him, has made death-threats on Taitz's life, including vandalizing her car; and

    - Obama is having the Federal Emergency Management Agency build internment camps for "Anti-Obama dissidents."

    Taitz also has advanced a number of other conspiracy theories not directly related to Obama, such as allegations that Goldman Sachs secretly runs the United States Treasury and that Hugo Chavez owns the software that runs American voting machines.

    Taitz is campaigning for California Secretary of State on a promise "to clean up the fraud we all have seen in the 2008 election. It is important to bring legitimacy to elections. And I will be fighting to ensure the California corporations are not overburdened by regulations."

    She confided to World Net Daily that she plans to use her job as State to have Obama disqualified as president.

    But the President isn't the only person who is unqualified, according to Taitz. She is alleging that her fellow Republican candidate Damon Dunn is ineligible to seek the GOP nomination and alleges he committed voter and election fraud, even though he only voted once in his life.

    She seems to have a thing about black men and their ineligibility for public office.

    The GOP is actually backing Taitz as one of three personally wealthy candidates, even though they are all political newbies. None has ever engaged in politics or even voted until recently, which shows how desperate the Republican Party (it does not hold a majority of registered voters in any of California's 53 congressional districts) is to expand or even hold its California base; particularly among women and minorities.

    "It is symptomatic of the shallow bench on the Republican side," according to Bruce Cain, Director of the University of California's Institute of Governmental Studies.

    "There are good people on city councils, boards of supervisors and the Legislature who could run for that office, but the Republican Party has money troubles and rich people who self-finance jump to the head of the line, even if they have no experience."
  4. None of us can really know if that woman is right which is making her crazy, or if she is just crazy because she doesnt like Obama.

    If Obama isnt a US citizen, then I hope Orly keeps up the fight. But really, I dont think it will matter. Even if she gets him out of office today, he's done way too much damage already.
  5. Obama as President is becoming expensive LOL