Birther lawyer Taitz slapped with $20,000 sanction

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  1. "U.S. District Judge Clay D. Land is not a happy man these days. Appointed to the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia by then-President George W. Bush, Land generally has pretty important matters to consider. But lately, he's been forced to deal with Orly Taitz, the rather eccentric lawyer-slash-dentist who's become the de facto leader of the Birthers. And he wants that to stop.

    To that end, on Tuesday morning Land issued a lengthy order addressing Taitz's conduct and imposing a $20,000 sanction on her as punishment for her having repeatedly filed frivolous actions and motions.

    The order, which can be downloaded in PDF form here, clocks in at 43 pages and is brutal, to say the least. Land clearly anticipates an appeal, and wants to lay out his case for imposing as large a sanction as he did in order to make the facts plain and a decision easy for the appeals court. It seems, too, that he might have done this with further sanctions against Taitz in mind; he forwarded his ruling to the bar in California, where Taitz is licensed to practice."

  2. o rly

    She's a f**king joke.
  3. kut2k2


    She's a f**king unfunny joke.
  4. how long before a wingnut on et says the obama administration conspired with the judge to keep orly from showing america the truth that obama was really born in kenya?
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    How long before some obama dope says that Obama is a natural born citizen.

    The only intelligent position is to say you no proof has been presented by Obama of anything.
  6. we have a winner. i am surprized. you call yourself a lawyer and jump to defend orly?
  7. Sorry to bring reality into this, but federal district court judges do not spend their time dealing with important matters. The vast majority of a typical district court judge's time is spent dealing with criminal sentencings, plea bargains, etc.

    I don't know the facts or background of all this, but a citizen has a constitutional right to bring a lawsuit. Whether or not it is supported by law is seldom a black or white proposition, particularly when the case is as unprecedented as this one. For a judge to order sanctions and try to get an attorney in a high profile case disbarred by the highly politicized California Bar raises questions about his judicial temperament.
  8. I don't know the facts or background of all this...

    That has never stopped you before from making a bonehead comment...

    20 grand is a lot of fillings...

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    I suppose you have some sort of proof.

    If you don't I take it you are a dope.
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    You've been presented before with solid evidence of Obama's birthplace (Honolulu). You just "wave it away" like a flat-earther "waving away" a globe.

    Why would anybody continually waste his time trying to convince someone whose sole purpose here is to remain unconvinced in the face of solid evidence? It's well past time for you to come up with convincing counter-evidence that Obama is not a natural born citizen.
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