Biotech investing mag's take on Buffett

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    "This is a good lesson for investors looking to make some money in biopharm stocks. Many times, success is not the result of the hot trend or the big patent breakthrough. More often, it is the quality of the people who are running the companies and the quality of the ideas they bring to the table. After that, it is hanging onto the company stock for dear life. Because, as Buffett has proven time and again, once you latch onto a winner, ride it for all it's worth."
  2. While we're on the topic of Buffet, BRK/B is a buy right here. Intrinsic value is approximately $4,000. Great looking chart too.
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  3. goes lower first (maybe).
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    May I know what is the method that you use to determine that the intrinsic value is $4k in this case?