Biotech Holders & Elliott Wave

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by phillyflipper, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. BBH is the ticker boys and girls. We seem to have a simple zig zag correction to the long side just now completing on the attached chart. I am new to Elliott wave so please comment if i am incorrect. We also have AB =CD

    Also, this is a monthly chart so this can take time and would be a longer term hold. This is not for a day trade if you want the big bucks

    This can pop like a pubescent zit
  2. For those of you who prefer patterns, which is what I prefer,
    here is a butterfly long pattern on BBH on a weekly chart.
    Now remember all trades are at your own risk
    Be careful out there
  3. BBH has been very sick for a long time



    Please, I'm not a daytrader, I'm an "Intraday Liquidity Provider"

  5. nice call on bbh
  6. Agreed
  7. It is appreciated in this land of the unforgiven. I started another forum that may prove interesting to you. I am NOT selling anything . It is titled 5 point trading patterns under tech analysis forum