Binladen family and bush connection

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  1. When the Binladen family was in the US, Bush told the FBI not to investigate them and they were the only people allowed to fly out when the whole US had a nofly restriction enabled.

    Then he fails to follow through finding binladen, initiates a distractive war with Iraq to capture Hussein and then say "Mission Accomplished"

    Binladen and friends build a huge mansion and housing complex in pakistan in plain sight in 2005. Bush fails to act.

    Is it possible that the Bush family did not want to catch him because of his deep connections with the binladen family?
  2. How about Clinton?
  3. So no comment regarding this? It seems no one wants to find out.
  4. It appears they both had opps to kill him and missed or passed.

    Now we're told he's dead and sent to sea, and at the moment, no pics of his dead body.

    Things that make you go, hmmm....
  5. Why did we invade Iraq?