Bingo! Huge Iraqi Chemical Arms Factory Found

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    U.S. forces on Sunday found what they believe to be a "huge" chemical weapons factory near the Iraqi city of Najaf, about 100 miles south of Baghdad, U.S. networks and the Jerusalem Post reported. The Iraqis had tried to camouflage the facility so it looked like the surrounding desert and would not be spotted from the air. The United Nations late on Sunday that U.N. weapons inspectors had been unaware of any factory in the area of Najaf that might be capable of producing chemical weapons.
    USA & UK needed an evidence which can justify invading Iraq. It looks like they got one of 'em.
  2. They might have a hard time in verifying the contents of whatever chemicals they find there coz it is not in English.

    Something like Fabrique en ....
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  5. Bingo????:confused:

    The Pentagon says that reports of a "huge" cache of chemical weapons being found by allied troops south of Baghdad are ``premature'', although the US is "looking into sites of interest".

    He said top Iraqi officers had been questioned about chemical weapons. ``We have an Iraqi general officer, two Iraqi general officers that we have taken prisoner, and they are providing us with information,'' Abizaid said.
    The Pentagon later issued a brief statement saying the reports of a ``huge'' chemical weapons factory in central Iraq were ``premature''.

    No. 18, 22 - Najaf - Chemical weapons facilities bombed 1991.

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  6. more proof !
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