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  1. sammybea


    Bing just went live a few minutes ago.. Apparently this is MSFT's answer to google.
  2. nicuss


    Ok, so I never heard of it and figured I would do a search on "bing" to find out...

    "BING represents the rigid polyurethane insulation industry in Europe"

    "bing - your mobile room for good friends"

    "The Bada Bing! (aka the Bada Bing or The Bing) is a fictional go-go bar from the HBO drama television series The Sopranos"

  3. address:
  4. The search logic is not bad. What I dislike is the amount of shit being thrown at you at once. Google does an excellent job to make the information pleasing to the eyes. Bing just seems cumbersome.

  5. The power of Google needs curbed.
  6. Hmm, interesting . . . I was always under the assumption that it actually represented the soft polyurethane insulation industry in that part of the world

    very, very interesting
  7. S2007S


    Google will not dominate search forever, eventually they will lose market share whether its MSFT coming out with some new and innovative search engine or some 18 year old kid developing something right now from his parents house.
  8. How is Bing different from Google?
  9. nicuss


    Perhaps I wasn't very clear, that's exactly where I did my search for "bing".
  10. There be only one Bing.

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