Binary Options

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Joe_Masterson, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Are binary options legal in the U.S.? Ive been trading for almost a year and never thought to question it
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    I believe so (legal). Care to share some of what you have learned or are doing? Have a preferred broker/firm?
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    Yes they're legal, only thing we're missing are CFD's.
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    Their are some that trade on the SPX index (BSZ) and the VIX index (BVZ) at the CBOE. Volume is poor as many brokers do not offer access to this product.
  5. I really feel that I make money when I concentrate on 1 or 2 assets. I do poorly when I try to tackle the whole market. OR what I'll do is just make a trade when I get a news break about a stock like facebook or ebay. As far as favorite brokers go, Im not partial to anybody in particular. Ive been on a few so far. I switch it up once in a while. Right now Im on Optionmint. THey pay out fast so Im not rushing to jump ship yet. I was with Banc but just got over it