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  1. I just started researching these. They look somewhat interesting. Is there enough volume on these? What are the more popular ones? Are they available on individual equities?

    Other than opening an account thru Nadex who else can I trade these with. For the moment, I trade thru TDA and when I called them to see if they offered trading on them they sounded like they didn't even know what they were. They dont.

    Any retail firms out there that offer trading on these options?

    I noticed on Nadax's site they referred to the DOW 30 as Wall Street 30 and the US 500 as well as Tech 100. I guess they didn't want to pay up for the trademarks? I assuming they are the same?

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    Yes the same (futures) , retail speaking Nadex exchange is your best option , recently PFG has started offering Nadex daily binaries ...
  3. Can you recommend a good site to learn about trading binary options? Thanks.
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