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    Hello everybody! I’m hoping that somebody may be able to provide some feedback on short term / high return online trading. I’m currently working on a term project titled “Short Term - High Return Online Trading”.

    The objective of the project is to identify online trading opportunities of any type that have the potential to provide substantial returns in the short term. I am starting with $5000 (real cash) and I need to make a minimum of 100 trades in 3 months.

    My bankroll and returns can all be used in any way that I choose as long as all trades are justified and documented. We are being encouraged to diversify our portfolio with some unique hybrid type investments.

    I am currently looking at a few websites that offer “Binary Options”. Does anybody have an opinion on online binary options trading? What are the best binary options websites?

    I am looking forward to, and would greatly appreciate any feedback/ suggestions/ strategies/ advice/ comments/ etc.

  2. Binary options trading is basically sports betting but with price movement. Also your 'brokerage' is taking the other side of your bet, so I don't see it as actually trading anything other than your time and money for the illusion of trading. I'd take that 5 grand and work towards developing an edge in an actual market, you have way more flexibility with other products.
  3. Stick to touch/DNT markets as they cannot be replicated with vanillas. Trading digitals on these sites is pointless as they can be easily replicated with exchange vanillas and all the advantages therein.
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  5. try and to learn how but that site seems to have died off with their very accurate free signals. surf
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    its the most highest percentage profit in any trading instrument.

    tried it out for 1 yr. never made any profit.

    either its bad or i am a bad short term trader.