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    Do you guys know any course that teaches you how to succseffully trade binary options?
  2. Don't trade OTC binaries. Trade listed verticals. They're equivalent, but you'll pay massive edge with the OTC dealers.
  3. This is a pretty good primer on getting started--

  4. lol says the guy who thinks an atm digital at 66/100 is a good bet.
  5. I won't argue that your way isn't the most ideal, but lots of these folks dont have the $ or access to trade any other way. If they want to make a $25 or $50 bet, OTC binary is the only way. surf
  6. Buying an ATM digital at 63-70/100 with a fairval of 50 is an IQ test. Opening an account with these jokers is the prerequisite for those who should not be trading in any capacity.

    I've never paid more than 56/100 for an ATM digital and I was looking for a specific hedge. It was stupid.

    Wagering with $25 is masturbation; as are journal trades that are complete fantasy positions. Hint, hint.
  7. Whatever----- everyone isn't at your level.