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    I will be posting my results on a Binary Options Black box for everyone to see.

    Week one ending 9/28/2012

    500 EUR/USD 1.29021 PUT Expire 1.29014
    500 AUD/USD 1.0424 PUT Expire 1.0402
    500 USD/JPY 77.767 CALL Expire 77.784

    Starting balance is 10K ending balance is $ 11,160.00

    Skype me if you have any questions. Csavor911
  2. Demo?

    I've never understood the appeal to binary options.

    The broker fully discloses the odds being against the trader, you deal directly against the broker (they set the price, the make the market,) and your upside is always capped.
  3. Shadow23


    No this is a real account.