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  1. Binance coin is reaching new highs.

    BNB is attractive to investors because Binance, the exchange, promised in its whitepaper to buy back BNB using 20% of its profits and burn them. What makes the BNB token commercially attractive is the fact that it's used to pay trading fees on the Binance platform and rewards traders with a 50% discount for using the coin. It also powers the Binance ecosystem, while being traded on other exchanges as well.
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    To be honest, they need to come up with a better platform with features like of Bitfinex or Bitmex where you could visually see your entry, stop orders, etc.
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  3. You are right. I think it will become better.
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    Binance exchange has launched their own coin as well, as many major exchanges did the same. Binance coin is a good crypto coin to be utilized for performing transactions very easily and effectively. Thank you so much for paying attention!