Bin Ladens death cost me thousands.

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  1. Price of silver dropped $6 when they announced his death! Ouch!

    If silver got hammered, maybe stocks will get hammered tommorrow too.
  2. Not according to futures right now. Big spike in indicies.
  3. Silver dropped way before they announced his death. Take a look at the chart.
  4. Then that just means that the people that killed bin laden, found and sold his silver stash on the open market. They say he was worth $1 billion plus and carried alot of his wealth in gold/silver
  5. let me guess, this is Saturday Night Live featuring Silver Analysis ....LOL

  6. Half of us are used to it.

    The other half are oblivious.

  7. It's the perfect alibi to bring the bugs to the porchlight. And one just buzzed.

    Start fading it after it stalls. Eh..........11 AM EST or so.

  8. 1. IF you're participating in a parabola, then counter-moves should be no surprise.

    2. Thee above quote, is the most stupid remark I've read in weeks. Thanks for the chuckle.

    3. Combined, you're giving me clues, which is NOT worthless.
  9. They keep finding us from the fucking yahoo boards...
  10. Bob111


    sue him!
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