Bin Laden Op Vindicates Bush

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    Agree with that partly, especially since President Barack called ]President Bush, with the news, before the news broke..CBN news reported.

    However President Barack agreed with President Bush , both saying ''Islam is a religion of peace''. With all due respect, Islam is not a religion of peace. Thats simply pandering for votes Larry Bates said.

    Perhaps part of the confusion is most muslims [about 90%] do not believe the Koran... But about 10% of the 1 billion muslims [about 100 million],probably do.

    I hope those 100 million muslims know what ''Red Sea rules'' ''are;
    God would prefer not to drown them all. He prefers they convert to Christianity, with Jewish Bible verses.

    If you like old testament news[predictions].Note the Hebrew prophet did not predict the price of gold or silver,, nor did he say he was bullish or bearish in that case.Hes imply noted all the arab nations with ''Gog''[Russia] trying to steal all of Israel gold & silver, with war invasion. Bible Book of Ezekiel 38 & 39 & Victory for Israel.....
  3. i don't know of any gold and silver mines in todays Israel....maybe in Biblical times but...

    and if they didn't have any gold and silver mines , a logical question would be...where and how did they get that gold and silver.