Bin Laden hideout near Pakistani military academy

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  1. The title says it all.

    Questions are raised as to how much Pakistan knew.

    Is Pakistan friend or foe?

    Why do we keep giving the Pakistanis aid and weapons?

    Should we consider 'dealing' with Pakistan at some future point in time, or are we afraid of them?
  2. India should takeover this failed state.
  3. Somehow, I don't think they would want to absorb islamic terrorism within their borders!!
  4. Perhaps a better solution would be for
    1) the USA to attack from the western flank (Afghanistan)
    2) India to attack from the eastern flank (Punjab)

    and the militaries to meet up in Islamabad, crack open a few beers together and enjoy some barbecued pork ribs together.

    This episode upons up the real possibility of deeper cooperation between the world's most powerful democracy -- USA -- and the world's largest democracy -- India.
  5. The real problem is the death cult known as Islam.

    There is no stopping this cancer before it imprisons all.
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    Do we know how much money Bin Laden had in Swiss bank accounts or hard money (physical gold, silver)?
  7. I watched the subtitles on a China cable TV news, and the political analysts were suggesting that Pakistan knew about Osama Bin Laden's whereabouts and possibly "arranged" for him to be housed in a safe place. The analogy is that of U.S. hiring Pakistan to search for Osama, offering monetary assistance and military training. Pakistan will be very stupid to tell U.S. that they found Osama the next day, ...... all these money flow would have halted. Therefore, to continue to receive money and training, Pakistan will keep telling U.S. year after year that "we haven't found him". U.S. is dumb enough to believe Pakistan and keep sending money. The analysts jested that Pakistan intended to tell U.S. the same story (that they haven't found Osama) for the next 10 years, knowing that U.S. will keep sending them money and training for the years to come. Pakistan is smart. It is possible that Pakistan and Osama are in this together, the aim is to continue to sucker money from U.S.. "Nope, we still haven't found Osama ....."
  8. Makes alot of sense.

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    stay close to your friends
    stay even closer to your enemies
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    Obviously Pakistan is both a friend and a foe. There are very few true friends in the Middle East in regards to national security. In the world of geo-politics, there is a lot of murkiness. This is a world where you spy on even your best friends, let alone a country like Pakistan.

    I would put Pakistan in a gray area that leans toward foe. Obviously we don't trust them in the least.

    With that said, Pakistan is trying to walk a fine line between resisting the Islamists enough to keep control of their country/military, but not resisting so much that they alienate their citizens that likely have a fair amount of sympathy for A-Q.
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