Bin laden death photos to be kept secret:For your own good

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    Cover up after cover up and now with this BS excuse. They dont want to put Americans overseas in danger. Please. The muslims that want to kill us, already want to kill us. Do they really think there are muslims out there that don't want to kill us, but suddenly will if we show the photos?

    The white house did release one photo though of the burial at sea. All liberals agree that the photo is 100% proof that we did bury him at sea and that we republicans should now accept it as fact. Here is the photo. You decide.

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    Liberals are idiots. They probably want to kill us more because Obama shows how weak he is by not releasing the photos.

    "Watch out, the mudslimes are coming the mudslimes are coming"


  3. The Taliban and Al Queda confirming Bin Ladens death should have been enough even for the tin foil hat crowd
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    That's not the point, Ak.
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    IQ47 is just trolling.
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    I thought he was warned about that from the Mods.

    Maybe it was name calling and blowing up threads with off topic posts that he was warned about.
  7. My post was on topic,lucrums wasn't
  8. Yeah, it was enough for us....10+ years ago when they confirmed his death in dec 2001.,2933,41576,00.html

    Taliban say bin Laden death will revive Afghan insurgency

    (Reuters) - The Afghan Taliban have issued a statement acknowledging the death of Osama bin Laden after al Qaeda confirmed its leader had been killed by U.S. forces, but said his death would only revitalize their fight against the "occupiers" in Afghanistan.

    While other militant groups across the world were quick to denounce bin Laden's killing, the Taliban, who once sheltered the al Qaeda leader, were slow to comment in the hours after his death, saying they needed proof he had been killed.

    Al Qaeda then issued its own statement on Friday confirming bin Laden was dead, prompting a response hours later from the Taliban.

    "We received the news of the martyrdom of Sheikh Abu Abdullah Osama bin Mohammad bin Laden, may Allah have mercy upon him, in a surprise attack of the aggressor American forces," the Taliban said in an emailed statement.

    "The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes that the martyrdom of Sheikh Osama ... will blow a new spirit into the jihad against the occupiers," they said, employing the title the hardline Islamists use to describe themselves.

    Washington has so far not released any photographs of bin Laden's body or the burial, raising doubts in some Islamist forums about whether he was killed. The statement by al Qaeda, who have vowed more attacks on the West, will help to dispel some of those suspicions.
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