Bin Laden Capture Bet

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Hello_Dollars, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. Anyone take the Bin Laden capture/killed bet on Tradesports? The by September 30 contract, which expires after the Republican National Convention, looks like a lock to me, yet it's trading near the contract low. Anyone in it?
  2. Pabst


    He's been dead since late 2001.
  3. Then it's a no-lose trade. I'm in for 1000 contracts.
  4. Yeah, right, Pabst... and you have his body taxidermied and laying prostrate on his back on your bed with DICK sticking straight up that your wife smears KY Jelly on and PHUCKS him for an hour every night while YOU watch.


    Saddam's sons.

    Pabst with his trusty gun

    Bin Laden alive and well.

  5. what is the osama/unicorn/yeti capture trifecta trading at these days?:cool: