bin Laden 1, USA 0

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  1. dozu888


    bin Laden bombed the world trade center;
    USA stepped into the 'war against terror' trap;
    budget deficit snow balls;
    dollar collapse;
    the American empire is no more.

    bin Laden 1, USA nothing.

    the terrorists have won.
  2. (and the energy and defense industries)
  3. But they're our friends, they're just protecting us! :cool:
  4. Daal


    wonder where the dow would open if nyc came under attack tommorow
  5. heh, i was just watching cloverfield.
  6. a lot of truth in those words.
  7. agmccall


    I love the blame America First crowd. I guess your answer to 3000 Americans burning to death is to ignore it and place a trade. How patriotic

  8. Go blow it out your ass! You defeatest little puss! The US will not fall in your lifetime!
  9. Thread belongs in chit chat with the rest of the worthless info.
  10. Eddiefl


    You are a moron, or imbecil at best.

    bin laden-1, us-0.. ??

    he is living in a cave, in hiding for the rest of his life. Living in fear that he will be killed, which he will be one day. They have no repsect for thier woman, no civil right for others, has no compassion for other human lives and you call him a winner. Instead of attacking a military base, he attacks people going to work,,, wow,, yes, how brave. If he is your idea of a winner, you must be a complete loser.

    Dont post here anymore, go to the aljazeera internet chat, you fu---ing monkey.

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