Bimunai Investments?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mysthars, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. mysthars


    Hi guys,

    anyone got any info about Bimunai Investments, prop shop, located in Pickering, Ontario? anyone working/ed there? google search doesn't return too much info, other their web page.
    I'll have an interview there and i would love to hear a few impressions....

  2. miatared


    What was the outcome of your interview?
  3. HANK-A


    - Be cautious about any company that advertises heavily for traders on free ad sites like kijiji, etctera. The more aggressively that they advertise / recruit, the less you should trust them.

    - If a firm is eager to hire YOU... a guy with ZERO experience... in a business with a 5% success rate... it IS too good to be true. Don't be fooled. These companies are using psychology against you, in order to get a few weeks / months of free work out of you. Don't let your greed and hope cloud your judgement. They use the same psychology that the market uses against traders. If you can't see this, you probably are not cut out to be a trader. If you go into this with your eyes open, you can at least take advantage of them while they take advantage of you... but don't expect to make any money. Even if you do make some money you have to keep track and watch these guys because they will try to screw you at every turn. These fake firms are VERY seedy.