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Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by miatared, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. miatared


    Looks like Bimunai Investments is a franchisee of SoftTrade in Pickering, Ontario.

    Also seems they charge new traders for training - wanting 100% from day one - sounds like they make more money 'selling' (they call it hiring) traning courses. At $2500 a pop - it ain't cheap.

    Considering that you work for free for a little while - seems outrageous to me.

    Looks like their Richmong Hill franchisee does not charge. Maybe that is why they seem to keep their traders longer.

    Anything you care to share about them ?


  2. miatared


    By the way, it is Swift Trade - not Soft Trade -

    Not much activity here it seems, ah well it, was worth asking...
  3. zimecka


    Hi there,

    Thanks for the post! I have an upcoming interview with BI and when I read the advertising where they were looking to hire and train Traders seemed a little suspicious. Now I know what it is all about. I have also heard of Swift Trade too.
  4. miatared


    Do not waste your time. I even was stupid enough to pay $25 for an interview/test.

    They are not HIRING - they are selling you a course - you need to pay 100% up front and you work for free for the duration.

    $2500 for a 3 month course.

    The place looks run down and is not a very nice setting.

    My 2 cents.