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  1. It's quite simple why people don't want to believe in Christianity, or any religion for that matter. It is because religion would crimp the lifestyle they are used to.
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    I classify the material world(s) as a religion, inasmuch as matter (organized particles) is a phenomenon originating in faith.

    I call "religion" any devotion to what faith has produced (man, matter), as well as to the phenomenon of faith itself.

    Given this more broad definition, it's easy to see that Christians are merely another faith based culture that makes a home of the material worlds.

    What's more, Christianity worships the maker of the material world(s).

    I've called this maker "faith", possessing the mind of Christ like a demon would posses the mind of a man.

    Christian's call the god of this world by names other than "faith", masking the origins of their god.

    I do include atheism as a faith based culture, devoted to the "reality" of a faith based phenomenon (the material world(s)).

    In this way, i think of theists and atheists as distant cousins with the same ancestor: faith.

    Lifestyles are cultures you believe in relative to a larger frame-of-mind based on faith.
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    That's a common belief among the fundies I grew up with. It's easier for them to believe that those who reject their religion are "backsliders" who somehow couldn't hack it and fell to the temptations of the flesh then to admit that someone could rationally analyze their religion and realize that it's not only batshit crazy but in fact evil, and affirmatively reject it for that reason alone. I, and most of the agnostics and athiest I know lead a far more "moral" lifestyle than most of the fundamentalists with regards to some kind of wild lifestyle. More so in my opinion because I don't refrain from murder, rape, cheating on my wife, or coveting my neighbors slave just because I'm afraid of going to hell or because a book arbitrarily told me to. So if your beliefs comfort you, feel free to continue to hold them but check the self-righteous bullshit that the only possible reason someone wouldn't embrace a religion would be that it would cramp their lifestyle.
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    Contrary to your claim, you obviously don't know jack squat about what fundamentalists believe. And this triggered, screaching, nonsensical crap sandwich of an answer proves it.

    You claim that people who deny that they have any righteousness at all of their own making, and therefore need Jesus Christ as their righteousness, are self-righteous. That's ignorance on steroids.

    Then, after making this claim that they're self righteous, you also claim that you and your friends are much more "moral" then the people you're insulting. That makes you the self-righteous one, stupid.

    Your entire post was perhaps the finest example we've ever seen on ET of combining monumental ignorance and stark hypocrisy in one post.

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    I can almost see the outline of the H stamped on your triggered forehead.
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    I see Jesus everywhere in your responses, he must be so proud of the witness you're providing. WWJD? Certainly not behave in the manner you are.
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    LOL, find me a Christian that doesn't fall into the temptations of the flesh! I don't consider you a back slider, I consider you to be unsaved.

    This isn't about religion, the church or anything but a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You don't seem to have one and I feel sorry for you. I don't push the fact that I have a relationship with Jesus on anyone, but I do ask them how come all the unexplained, ancient things that are being discovered all around the word that took technology as great or greater than we have today, to build, are explained in Genesis.
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    Jesus pointed out the lying hypocrites all over the bible. Just like I did you.

    Any other questions?
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    Guess who I see in your responses. Does the Accuser of the Brethren ring a bell?
    While we're on the subject of pride, do you feel good about making slanderous accusations against Christians that you yourself are guilty of? (see post 44)
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    Not to sound blasphemous here.... but one there's one thing I've always kinda wondered about organized religions' take on Jesus Christ.

    From day one we have been indoctrinated to believe Jesus "died for our sins" and God "so loved the world" He "gave his only son" for our sins. Through a horrible crucifixion.

    Again, not to sound like a jerk here.... but what about those 10's of thousands of young men that gave their lives on the beaches of Normandy or the 1000's of Marines that died storming Mount Suribachi on Iwo Jima?

    Did many of them not die horrific suffering deaths for us too? And what about their parents? Did they not give up their sons? What makes Jesus so special? They certainly died for each and every one of us too.
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