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  1. ajacobson


    Episode 6 dropped on OD.
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  2. Here4money


    Hard pass,
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  3. Atikon


    The whole season is disapointing, either lazy writing or the actors are getting their ideas written in for their character. That school scene was ridiculous. Pulls you right out of the episode imo
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  4. Real Money

    Real Money

    It's just sad when that guy running axe capital acts like he knows shit about stocks and all his little groupies are dick riding.

    It's hard to watch.
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  5. Tradex


    Absolutely, Billions has become another soap opera. Even Axelrod is not convincing anymore. Too bad.
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  6. d08


    Yup, it's overly dramatized to the point of being a total joke. Any resemblance to reality is gone.
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  7. Turveyd


    Agreed, only 1 more episode left before C19 stopped it, 5 more to go later I think.

    Quite Boring these days, Personally I liked it for the rich playing life style, but that's all gone, you know every man / traders dream or maybe just mine.

    Sadly ran out of anything original :(
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  8. KCalhoun

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    Too much soap, too little trading
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  9. Bugsy


    It's become over the top slapstick at this point. It feels scripted when they talk at this point. It's still entertaining. I like the 2 leads, but the writing has become somewhat of a joke at this point.
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  10. Branos


    If we talk about the TV series in general, I really liked it. However, it has a drawback - excessive quoting. To the place and not to the place, in a family conversation or in business negotiations, the scale of the quoting has no limits.
    Don't get me wrong, the TV series is excellent. The plot is deep and exciting, inside the same series, the balance of power can change several times. The behind-the-scenes intrigues of big politics and business are simply incredible, the series is really interesting to watch. The actors' involvement in the filming process is also fascinating.
    That's why it upsets me to the core that, with each episode more and more difficult to continue watching the Billions. The series is really good, if not for the insistence of directors and scriptwriters to pay tribute to numerous films, books, cultural events, outstanding personalities, etc. At first it seems invisible, but when the euphoria of plot twists passes, the characters become familiar and their actions are understandable, it is this direct quoting that causes more and more irritation. I wouldn't have any questions if the series was about cultural figures, musicians or film industry workers. Here, too, this 'awareness' of the characters looks as inorganic and illogical as possible.
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