Billions First episode new half season 5

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  1. ajacobson


    Getting interesting
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  2. maxinger


    I gave up watching it at season 2.

    I'd prefer something more humorous/entertaining
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  3. That show was boring. I gave up after the first episode of season 1.
    How are the two, main, stars Damien Lewis and Paul Giamatti...,that's a rather laughable, sad, boring, duo for a film project.

    I'd rather watch Wall Street, Trading Places, Rogue Trader, Boiler Room, The Big Short...for, literally, the 50'th time.
    The movies The Taking of Pelham 123 and Hacker 2016....have tremendous options scenes towards the ends. They turned a small sum into a huge one by orchestrating a major event.
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  4. JSOP


    Yeah it's more drama and less about trading. I mean the whole show is more like real estate porn than anything else.

    Other good movie/show about trading: Margin Call, Million Dollar Traders...
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  5. Million Dollar Traders...I remember watching that British show nearly a decade ago. There's nothing ...million...about that show.
    All the trading contestants were complete amateurs who broke down and essentially got nowhere. Kind of symbolic of all new traders, I suppose.

    That show was a front, free publicity, for the boss's trading courses, education, and subscriptions he sells today.

    Margin Call, was alright...but not something I'm eager to replay and replay. I only stuck around for Jeremy Irons and Kevin Spacey's acting performances.
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  6. JSOP


    The show is quite entertaining though, that girl crying for 1 hour and 1/2 during lunch over trading and the way they breathe down poor Simon's neck yelling at him. So bad...

    I like Margin Call. Everybody's acting in there was brilliant. Kevin Spacey, of course, OMG! that speech at the end...
  7. Overnight


    It was Jeremy Irons's blurb reminding us of the draw-downs over the centuries that gives me faith that the bull will always win. It is spot on.

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  8. JSOP


    No it's the volatility that always wins.
  9. Overnight


    Bulls will kick vol ass.

    It has been doing so for hundreds of years. Long it, dude.

  10. KCalhoun


    First 2 seasons were good, more trading less soap opera. Hopefully this season gets back to trading.

    Drama bits about family and betrayal and relationships ugh. Axe vs chuck ugh. Women discussing feelings ugh

    Short squeezes and epic trades, good.
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