Billions!!!!! 2017! Yeah Baby!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Maverick74, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Maverick74


    Get the popcorn ready. Tell the wife she can watch Housewives of Atlanta in some other room. This show ain't about millions. That's what ET is for. This is about Billions!
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  2. Haha.. good show can't wait
  3. JackRab


    Brilliant show!!! Looking fwd to SE2..... :D
  4. I really need to get down to watching this show.
  5. carrer


    Started watching. Looks good.
  6. just21


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  7. Turveyd


    Cool, Top show!
  8. Becka


    Don't you realize it is shows like this that are the start of retail being completely regulated out of the markets? Like sheep you are led to the slaughter.
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  9. Turveyd


    They need retails losses so as long as retail are losing they are happy, retail wasnt losing when they put DT 25k rule in and also FIFO.
  10. I think it's more a symptom then a cause...
    #10     Jan 13, 2017