Billionaire Warren Buffett won $2.2 million bet

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  2. I sometimes think I should forget about you glorious bastids and just listen to Warren. But... hell no... its not as much fun!!!!! Long live ET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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  3. If I ever came upon 2.2 million dollars o_O...I would retire from ET.
    or create a new, generic, vague username. and use no avatar. be conservative. hide in the shadows.
    or create a small chain of three or four coffee shops, to try to compete with Starbucks.
    or create a franchise chain of Chinese food shops. -- everyone likes Sweet and Sour and Coffee.
    People will always like edible foods. -- you can't ship those in the mail like most physical item goods from Amazon or eBay or Walmart.
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  4. Sweet and sour coffee :) My grandaunt used to make sour cream coffee cake.

    You think you will stop, when I get to this number, ok this number, ok when I plateau with futures profits unable to utilize all the capital. Then you find you have spent Friday night designing a database to exploit non-correlated stocks.. the madness of money from thin air never ends.

    My favorite Starbuck is this Fakebucks in Belize on Caye Caulker.

    A bit of baking sound like a great idea.
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  5. Sounds wonderful
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  7. I love me some sliced almonds or pecans on pastries
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    I’ve been here before *wink wink*
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    Hard to retire on $2.2 million dollars in life let along retire from ET!

    Best wishes to you Lawrence.
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    Why the leftists (like Warren Buffet) donated to Girl's Inc. instead of donating to the homeless or the needs for food and shelter?
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