Billionaire unloads most of his FB shares

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  1. Amazing. How much did he lose?
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    dunno about billionaires,but this whole thing stinks from very beginning, wall street at their best..madoff got a life time for similar s** about underwriters of FB? GS for example? looks like a major rip off..or should i say-pump and dump?

  3. "This share sale was planned prior to the IPO date, according to the filing"

    Amazing. How much did he win?

  4. What's scarier than billionaire's unloading facebook on the little guy?

    ...what billionaire's are about to unload down your throat....

    3D Printed Meat read that right....3D printed meat

    Peter Thiel Backs Start-up Making 3D Printed Meat

    Breakout Labs, eccentric billionaire Peter Thiel’s biotech foundation, announced an eyebrow-raising investment in a start-up that makes 3D printed meat (yes, really).

    Modern Meadow, based in Columbia, Missouri, will receive the $350,000 grant to continue developing new meat and leather production technologies. The company engineers tissues to create leather and edible meat, in a process that eliminates many of the negative environment effects associated with traditional livestock practices, according to a report by CNET.

    “Modern Meadow is combining regenerative medicine with 3D printing to imagine an economic and compassionate solution to the global problem,” said Lindy Fishburne, executive director of Breakout Labs, said in a statement to the press.

    The biotech start-up uses bioprinting technology that has “been applied to build three-dimensional tissues and organ structures of specific architecture and functionality for purposes of regenerative medicine” according to a summary of the company’s work submitted to the Department of Agriculture.

    In Laymen’s: the technology uses animal stem cells to create what could be an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional meat.

    The additional two grants were awarded to Bell Biosystems and Entopsis.|related|story|text|&par=yahoo
  5. Test tube steak, whats next! Who will eat it?
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    "Thiel made out well. As one of Facebook’s initial investors, he first invested $500,000 in the company in 2004. He sold 16.8 million shares in the company’s May initial public offering for about $640 million. With last week’s sale, Thiel has now sold most of his stake in the company. "
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    Ummmmm, 3D printed meat!!!!
  8. Thiel had a $7bln fund and took it down to essentially zero (except for his own money) after a couple years of wipeout losses. A classic case of wanting to be right vs. making money. So I wouldn't take his trading positions as dispositive (always wanted to use that word - probably got it wrong).
  9. This was a PRE-planned sale dating from pre-IPO - I'm sure CNBC will finally get the facts right today and announce he was not able to cancel the PRE-planned sale due to material knowledge - he does sit on the Board.

    FB shouldn't be in a quiet period, but perhaps they are negotiating to buy something or some other big announcement, and Thiel can't stop the stock sale cause he doesn't want to get Martha Stewarted.
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