Billionaire mogul Sam Zell: We are in deep shit.

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  1. 'We're Heading for Recession,' Says Sam Zell
    By Jeff Cox | CNBC – 3 hours ago

    A compounding lack of confidence in the future has kept American companies from investing in their businesses and is leading the country back into recession, real estate mogul Sam Zell told CNBC.

    The CEO of Equity Group Investments, which holds multiple publicly traded companies primarily in the real estate space, said a lack of leadership in Washington is keeping the $2 trillion or so of cash on company balance sheets on the sidelines.

    That's happening even as the Federal Reserve continues pumping liquidity, which Zell said is being used only to prop up the stock market.

    "Nobody wants to make commitments beyond tomorrow," Zell said during a"Squawk Box" interview. "One of these (recession) triggers is when enterprise projects start getting delayed. We're heading for a recession and that's exactly what you're looking at now. You're looking at capital expenditures across the board being deferred for a reason: There's no confidence."
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    Recession, depression, stagflation, more socialism, Marxism. It's all coming to varying degrees in the next 4 years with Obama. The military coop will be contingent on whether the assassination attempts are successful.
  3. So it is not surprising if a Zionist Zell opens his wide ass to shit, and pass it as thinking with the assumption that people are stupid and would not understand the real aim.

    Zionism wants Romney to win for obvious reasons, or at least want him to continue his opposition so that zionism extracts more benefits from the President in an election season.

    The zionist is probably saying the opposite of what he REALLY thinks, just like the other liar zionist Nut&Yahoo, and his his lies about attacking Iran when in fact he knew all along it was a bluff.
  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    I'm not sure what you're advocating or referring to here, but it sounds as if this comment has no place here (or anywhere else).
  5. Open your eyes,man.... Do you seriously think things are getting better?
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    Don't get in a huff, Tsing. I'm not ADVOCATING anything. Don't read something into my post that isnt there.

    I just see all sorts of mischief by Obama if he get 4 more years. I can also see people being pushed over the edge and taking action on their own. And depending how much Congress is unable or unwilling to stop Obama's coming power grab and remaking of America in a second term that the only other way to remove an out of control President is with military force and the approval of certain legislators and military leaders.

    I know this seems unlikely to most but just extrapolate what has happened over the last 4 years as it accelerates into the next 4. If he is re-elected he, no doubt, will maintain a majority in the Senate and Reid will block any action against Obama by Congress.
  7. Better to have a mass revolution than the military coup though. Military coups will result in bad precedence, best thing would be millions of people marching on DC and abolishing the whole establishment to usher in the Second American Republic.
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    Will you go to visit brother P in jail?
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    What brother Tao thinks doesn't matter.
    Save that bullshit for the Secret Service.
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    I'm not sure that would go smoothly. I doubt it would be as bloodless as the Egyptian spring. Of course, we would see that probably before the other events. Without a lot of thought at a roundtable it is hard to imagine exactly what the progression would be.

    All I feel somewhat sure about is that Obama will make a grab for power and a remake of America. Exactly how he will be dealt with is contingent on a variety of events and actions taken by others to stop him.

    Also, we are not through October, yet. I don't know what Obama's internal polling is telling him but if he begins to really think he will lose, he will do something drastic. Militarily, covert or otherwise.

    And, btw, I now think Israel will wait until after the election to act on Iran. If Obama wins it will come in November/December. If Romney wins there may be a little more time. Romney my give Iran an ultimatum like Bush did to to Iraq and Iran may back down. That would be the best outcome.
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