Billionaire list

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    Carlo Slim Helu: $53.5 billion

    Not bad for a drug lord.
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    There was a South American guy that was called "El Indio" [The Indian] that had $5 billion way back in the day, the mid '70's.. I think he slipped quietly into the fog of history without anybody knowing his real name even.. that's my kind of Billionaire... I wonder where he is today?
  3. His name was Keyser Soze. Here's the story about him-

    There was a gang of Hungarians that wanted their own mob. They realized that to be in power, you didn’t need guns or money or even numbers.
    You just needed the will to do what the other guy wouldn’t.
    After a while, they come into power and then they come after Soze. He was small-time then, just running dope, they say. They come to his home in the afternoon, looking for his business. They find his wife and kids in the house and decide to wait for Soze.
    He comes home to find his wife raped and children screaming. The Hungarians knew Soze was tough, not to be trifled with, so they let him know they meant business.

    They tell him they want his territory, all his business. Soze looks over the faces of his family. Then he showed these men of will what will really was.

    He tells him he would rather see his family dead than live another day after this. He lets the last Hungarian go, waits until his wife and kids are in the ground, and then he goes after the rest of the mob. He kills their kids. He kills their wives. He kills their parents and their parents’ friends. He burns down the houses they live in, the stores they work in. He kills people that owe them money.

    And like that, he’s gone.


  4. You're not thinking of "El patron" (Pablo Escobar) are you?

    He was supposedly worth billions back in the 70's.
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    Very post I've read in awhile. Love that movie
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    Did Charles Bronson play the lead ?
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    They should make a movie about that guy
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    this guy was before that. I'm getting scared now, I'll not mention this again....
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