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  1. Any of you guys had a problem with DTNiq billing you for a cancelled trial subscription.
    Tried their feed sometimes in March for a couple of days, responded to their email to cancel the trial and even confirmed it with their sales chat line.
    I just checked my visa and found out they have been billing me for the last 3 months.
    Emailed their customer support for the last 5 days about the refund but they have been stonewalling,pushing me from one department to another, but never giving me an update on the refund.
    What else do you think I should do. I am out of Asia.:mad:
  2. JackR


    Immediately dispute their billing with your credit card company - in writing!

    Speak to the credit card company on their 800 number and explain the problem. Different companies have different procedures. I'm guessing US laws don't apply but the credit company can explain what does apply in your specific case.

    See if you can find the email that you used to cancel. Print it out and don't lose it. If it is gone that's too bad. Documentation helps.

    eMail DTN and tell them that you are still receiving their bills, that you cancelled the trial in xxxxx, and expect a full credit against your credit card account number.

    Just get it documented. Make a little log. If you work your way up the DTN supervisor-manager chain it helps to be able to say that on June 17 at 9:05 you spoke with so and so, etc.

    Continue your dialog with the customer service folks.

    Something will work. But document it.

    Good luck in getting it resolved quickly.
  3. Seems to be symtomatic of most companies, will gladly help you in spending your money on them, but when something goes wrong and you try to get your money back, they will stonewall because nobody wants to be responsible for a revenue that has been booked.
  4. mokwit


    You have tried the nice private amicable way and it seems it has not worked.

    With brokers and data vendors you have to complain loudly on web boards otherwise they will just ignore you. Forward the web page to someone senior.

    Be completely honest and sure of your case though as it is very difficult to undo any unfair damage from overstatement Also there is always the risk they can sue...............

    So far I have been put off by the USD~100 fee to try their service quality, exchange fees OK, but USD100 for a trial?
  5. I think I am going to be more careful in future. I will certainly avoid trial subscriptions that do not have an automatic cancellation at the end of the trial period.
  6. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    All you need to do is email with your loginID and a copy of the email you sent cancelling your trial. It will be taken care of. You can also use the online chat at our website so you can get an answer immediately. All Chats and emails are logged, so we will have record of your email and chat session. We can also check your loginID and verify that you haven't used the account after your trial. There obviously was an error on our part if you sent cancel requests and they weren't honored.

  7. Jay (Iqfeed) has been very prompt in looking into this matter. Matter has been resolved and billing error rectified.

    Like to thank Jay for his help.