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  1. I have several of these pics and don't know how to paste them right here, rather than using the browser link. How is that done?
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  2. One more. Can't someone tell me how to paste these pics into the message body?
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  3. <img src=>


    You start with typing the code < img src=copy and paste your link to pict here >

    A more, ahem, obvious way to figure this out, is to go to a thread that has images in the body of a post, and click on "quote" and you'll see the code. Then you'll be self educated. :D :D :D
  4. I appreciate your effort, but evidently I'm too stupid to figure this out. I can copy and paste from ET but I can't get this to work from my e-mail, or my picutres to here. And that's where the pics are at. I can't believe I'd have to attach the pic to a ET post, then open the pic, copy and paste into another ET post which...fuck I' don't even know how to ask the f'n question. I'll keep messing with it. Thanks for the attempt to assist me, but I just can't get it.
  5. To make this work, the image HAS TO BE on the www.
    An image sitting on your hard drive can not be in bedded in a post at et. Thats why you first upload the file to ET servers from your computer, then you use the code.
  6. If you want, and its important to you, you can type in anything you want into the goog image search engine, in this case, search word "billboards". find an image you like, click on the image, then ckick "full size" and use that addy in your code.

    <img src=>
  7. I just reread your post, and I see you are making one too many assumptions.

    Upload an image as a attachment.
    Once the post comes up with the attachment icon, click on icon.
    a new window opens with your image.
    Go to your post, click on "edit", type in the code, copy and paste the addy from the window with your image.
    Click "save changes"