Bill will Pass so go long trade seems too obvious

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  1. I feel like the consensus of this bill passing tomorrow is pretty much a definite.

    With this massive sell off and testing of the lows today you would think you can't lose if you just buy the ES right now @ 1120'somthing and by tomorrow afternoon you'll be up like 30 or 40 points.

    It almost seems to easy and obvious which scares me.
  2. the bill will pass and the mkt will plunge. all know the bill will pass and if the mkt were to run it would have done so. 10k is like a magnet
  3. House reps have been forced to pass the bailout. It is known and more than likely already priced into the market.

    Now... if it gets passed and the Fed cuts we have a huge rally.
  4. Which is a good point.

    Bill pass's, market plunges.

    Talking heads are shown with stupid look on their face.
  5. doubting the market will rally on bill passing is too obvious, so it does the opposite!
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    It's the old double reverse negative...
  7. I also agree w/ the OP. This was my original thinking.

    But since we all know that it is going to drop, even though it is supposed to pop.......perhaps that means a triple reverse is in order, and it will indeed go up :)
  8. Sell the news on the news :p
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    Aside from the bill being passed pay close attention to employment numbers, anything north of 115,000 and were headed down. If by any chance job losses surge to 150,000+ expect Dow 10k tomorrow.

    However if job numbers are in line 75k-100k and the bill is a positive I think we will see an oversold bounce back to 10500.
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