Bill to tax your internet purchases trying to sneak through Congress

Discussion in 'Economics' started by wilburbear, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. All these scums, tax body so that they can give away to their special interests. Be it UAW or big bankers.

    Vote the scums out!
  2. Yes, it's apparently the job of government to kill whatever is successful.

    The proceeds are then used to buy votes for themselves.
  3. olias


    I'm not a fan of taxes either, but I think you're referring to the bailouts, and I actually see those as necessary evils. Also, that money wasn't just given away. It has to be paid back. The idea was that is saved jobs.
  4. Colorado, to my knowledge, recently started cracking down on Ebay purchases and taxing software, trading software. Maybe Scat can chime in.
  5. I am afraid they just forestalled the inevitable.
  6. There is a message on Newegg invoices about purchasers in Colorado.... Basically, Newegg is to send a statement to the State on the amount of purchases one makes... then that info is to be included on CO state tax return and sales taxes collected.

    While retailer isn't collecting the sales tax, it ends up the same. Not sure if all retailers are up to speed on this. Newegg is the only notice I've seen so far.
  7. zdreg


    that is what a left wing gov't would have you believe. it saps the strength of the strong and prevents the proper reallocation of resources to more economically efficient areas. capitalism is about creative destruction so new enterprises can come into existence, socialism and communism is about a command economy from a central gov't which thinks it knows better than the free market. in the end jobs are lost anyway because gov't subsidies cannot continue indefinitely and people won't start new businesses as they know the gov't will tax them to death.