Bill Richardson scandal

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  1. I would like to give a shout out to my buddy Landis for trying to convince me that Obama had picked amazing cabinet members. Thanks for the insight bud.

    Even most of the liberals on this site would have been smart enough not to hire a man that has pending grand jury investigations.

    Look on the bright side libs. Only two out of your four presidential hopefuls from last year have been involved in major scandals. Thats only 50%!

    I don't know how it is humanly possible to not be skeptical about Obama after Blago, Richardson and his past associations. :confused:
  2. Good riddance.
  3. You are such a moron.
    Bill Richardson has more of an association with Bill and Hillary Clinton than Obama ever has, or will.

    I know that this is probably before you were born, but Bill Richardson was Bill Clinton's Energy Secretary back in 1998.

  4. ballet dancer extrodinaire rahm emmanual is still hiding under his bed.

    Harry Reid tries to talk Blago into killing the appt. of any black candidates in place of whites.

    Things are not going well so far for the dems and z10 is silent.
  5. Were you not just trying to argue that Obama's cabinet picks were amazing?

    Obama appointed a man that was involved in a grand jury investigation. :confused:

    Landis you defending Obama's cabinet picks the day before this scandal is truly priceless.
  6. Yes, I have stated here on ET that I am most impressed with many of Obama's appointments . . . and I have specifically listed many of the ones that I am impressed with, as seen in the web-link to the thread below:

    But leave it to you to once again receive yet another "F" in Reading Comprehension.
    I never said or implied that I was impressed with Bill Richardson.
    Please show me where I said that I was impressed with the appointment of Bill Richardson.
    I dare you.

    Again, your Reading Comprehension has to be the absolute worst of anyone posting here on ET. Where did you go to high school? College? How old are you?
  7. I also have noticed that you have NEVER once commented on the appointments of Robert Gates, Jim Jones, and Eric Shinseki.

    I'm not sure why you are unable to be anything but vague, and non-specific in this Forum. Perhaps it is because your knowledge base is so weak, or perhaps you don't even know who these people are, or there backgrounds. Maybe it's a little bit of both. Perhaps you can tell us all (1) why it is that you are unable to be SPECIFIC in your posts, and (2) why it is that you have such a strong tendency to claim quotes by posters such as myself NOT IN EVIDENCE to be a fact, and/or misrepresent what a person has stated in their post?
  8. If anyone goes to that forum link go to the end of it. Landis being the biggest loser in the world actually counted every single one of my posts that related to Obama.

    Landis you hailed Obama's picks. Did you ever say Richardson was a bad pick? Did you ever even once admit to me that maybe one of his picks may have been bad such as Richardson? Did you ever even realize that Richardson had a pending grand jury investigation?

    The fact that you are so pro congress just because the democrats are the majority shows your bias and complete lack of any critical thinking.

    I admit though that our arguments are shit. They are shit because all you do is fucking rave about Obama and his picks without actually delving into any personal thought of your own. You have never once demonstrated any type of individual intellect.

    Landis your thinking is flawed. You love Obama so you find a couple good things about the people he appointed. Once you find the good things you act like a broken record constantly uttering the same argument over and over with zero personal thought. You love democrats so you never once admit that the democratic congress has done anything but perfection over the last two years.

    Landis the reason you're such a joke is because you only show a small range of thinking. Your first range of thinking is being pro liberal democrats. Your second range of thinking is literally losing your cool and acting like a child when anyone even makes the smallest negative comment about democrats.

    THAT IS ALL YOU DO! I invite anyone to look for an idea Landis has come up with. I invite anyone to look for an interesting statement Landis has made. I invite anyone to actually see if Landis has done anything else but defend democrats and constantly bitch about anyone who disagrees with him. You're the most unoriginal piece of shit I have ever run into.

    You know what you are Landis. Your the queen baby. When you don't get to be the queen your the baby.

    Literally people, look for three posts in a row from Landis in which he isn't bitching and acting like an elite know it all.
  9. Obama had to give Richardson something to please the 75 % of Latinos that voted for him

    Obama knew this shit was coming which is why he didn't give Richardson the SOS job
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