Bill O'Reilly Vs Jon Stewart

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    Jon Stewart to debate Bill O’Reilly in online pay-per-view event

    Jon Stewart and Bill O'Reilly have had several memorable clashes on cable television. Now the ideological foes are taking their ongoing tête-à-tête to the Internet.

    The "Daily Show" host and Fox News star will take part in a 90-minute debate—"The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium"—on Oct. 6 at the Lisner Auditorium on the Washington, D.C., campus of George Washington University.

    The debate will be streamed live online for $4.95. Tickets to attend the event ($25-$100) go on sale today, and anyone who preorders either the stream or in-person ticket by Oct. 1 can submit a written question that may be asked as part of the debate. E.D. Hill, former Fox News Live host and CNN contributor, will serve as moderator. According to a press release, they'll cover an "array of topics related to the state of our union."

    Stewart and O'Reilly have a long love-hate history, often appearing on each other's shows in minidebates that, if nothing else, make for reliably good television.

    In May 2011, for instance, O'Reilly challenged Stewart to debate a controversy surrounding the appearance by the rapper Common at a White House poetry reading. On O'Reilly's "Factor," Stewart accused Fox News of manufacturing the controversy to pump up ratings and fuel viewer outrage.

    "There is a selective outrage machine here at Fox that pettifogs only when it suits the narrative that suits them," Stewart said.

  2. I'm confused....:eek:

    What's up wid dis?

    Are we going to have someone other than the presidential candidates debate the state of the union before the election?

    This has potential.

    Stay tuned while Obama and Romney can talk about what we just heard on the O'reilly vs Stewart debates.
  3. LEAPup


    I'd pay good money to see 6'5" former athlete O'reilly mop the damn deck with libtard Stewart.:D

    Am I an O'reilly fan? Not really. I'm Libertarian, and a Ron Paul type is "my type" if you will. O'reilly just makes more common sense commentary than Stewart's lost soul ever could.
  4. pspr


    I wonder if they are going to stage a "come to blows" moment. That would be exciting if it doesn't look fake.
  5. LEAPup


    Lol! If O'reilly got ahold of Stewart, im sure the blood and spit would fly! That's what I would call giving a liberal a well deserved "education.":D

    Ooh rah!
  6. I wouldn't pay to listen to either of them.
  7. pspr


    That would be worth seeing. O'Reilly grabbing Sewart by the neck, throwing him to the ground and beating him bloody and senseless. :p
  8. LEAPup


    Yeah, I'm no O'reilly fan. Would pay GOOD money to see him beat mortal hell out of Stewart though!
  9. Maverick74


    You don't need to be a fan. The point of this is that rather then debating on each others shows were the host has editorial control over the other, they are meeting in a neutral setting with a neutral moderator. Neither one can edit the content and neither one can shout the other down. Each must fight with logic and reason. And for 90 minutes at that! I'll pay the 5 bucks to watch this. I would pay 100 to see O'Reilly debate Chris Mathews in a similar format.
  10. LEAPup


    O'reilly would eat Mathews lunch, box and all!!! Mathews is a terrible journalist on top of being a shithead!
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