Bill O'Idiot

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ZZZzzzzzzz, May 12, 2008.

  1. What is your fascination with O'reilly?
  2. You don't find it fascinating that the overbearing loudmouth egotistical mongrel is the most popular show on Fox News?

    Fair and balanced...LOL!

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  4. GAY!
  5. Not really and certainly not enough to devote the time to pull a clip from 15 years ago or whenever it was.

    Fox news is fair and balances when it comes to giving equal time to both points of view. Look at how all those on the left cried when Hillary went on Fox. The left is nothing but a bunch of fascists.

    I do find it fascinating that Mrs. Huffington, who has never accomplished anything in her life except for marrying a rich homosexual, commands legions of the ignorant to pass along her garbage.

  6. not a fan of huffington myself... i am a real conservative not a garbage neocon like "oh really." but if you think fox is fair and balanced you are more or less retarded.
  7. You can take your insults and shove them up your ass you low rent fucking punk.

    I never said they were fair and balanced what I said was they show both points of view which is more than any other network can say.

    A second problem is that those who dispute the "fair and balanced" label apply to same rules of journalism to opinion.

    Fox is only as fair and balanced as the commentators that present the news, which is presumably how most people measure.

    Fox is a republican channel no doubt, but where they differ is that they will have those from the left present their case where as on the other networks that are supposed to be "objective journalism" they only present the left's argument.

  8. something i said? LOL
  9. That is a patently false statement, and I think you give Fox more credit than it deserves.
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